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Employment Benefit Services

Employee Benefits Plan

Employee Benefit ProgramsThe Step Benefits Group offers specialized consulting services as it pertains to all your employee benefits plan needs.

Designing a truly effective benefits plan calls for a full understanding of your organization, creative thinking and knowledge of all the alternatives that are available. The Step Process™ allows our consultants to understand all factors internal and external to your company that help us arrive at the optimal benefit plan design…

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Pension Plans

Employee Pension PlansThe pension environment has certainly changed. It will continue to shift rather dramatically in years to come. Traditional Defined Benefit plans are being replaced with less costly Defined Contribution, Deferred Profit Sharing and Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans.

Finding “best value” solutions can be a challenge for any employer facing choices around: plan design, providers of group retirement products, contribution formulae, investment fund “menu” etc. By balancing employee and employer requirements, we create plans that are both robust and flexible in nature…

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Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits PlansKey employees and in particular Executives are integral to the success of your organization. Good ones are hard to find and even harder to keep. The Step Benefits Group will work with you in conjunction with some of the finest tax and legal minds available to develop a specialized executive retention package that understands the requirements of your key employees, aligns them with the best interests of your company and ensures tax effectiveness for both the company and the Executive…

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Individual Insurance

Individual Health Insurance PlansThe Step Benefits Group specializes in Individual Financial Services that are exactly that – individual in approach. People have busy professional and personal lives, and they need help with understanding and addressing their personal or family’s financial needs.

We work to analyze each unique situation, and to design a customized strategy to help our clients achieve their financial goals often times exceeding expectations. All of plans guarantee the most tax-efficient approach…

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