19 Jun

How do You Know What Benefits Your Employees Want?

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Making the decision to offer your employees benefits is one that will have both immediate and long term benefits. This is the first step towards better employee retention and creating a happier and healthier workforce. However, trying to decide on the perfect package for everyone in your company may not be so easy. So, how do you know what benefits your employees want?

Deciding On Employee Benefits

  • Do your research:

    Before approaching your employees with ideas and information about benefit packages, see what’s out there. Find out what different insurance companies offer because coverage can vary from provider to provider. It’s rare that insurance companies offer packages that are as mutually beneficial to the employee and employer as the Step Benefits Group does, so be cautious as you shop for packages.

  • Get to know your workforce:
    Who works for you? Are they young? Are they parents? Do you have an aging staff? Do most of your employees wear glasses? When you understand exactly who works for you, you can craft a benefits package based on their needs.

    For example, if you employ people who have children, especially kids under 18, they will want health benefits that can be used for their family. Furthermore, don’t leave anyone out. You don’t have to offer comprehensive packages to part-time workers, but they are part of your team and should be considered for at least partial coverage.

  • Don’t skimp:
    It’s safe to assume that everyone wants health insurance, but do they need dental too? What about mental health benefits like psychology and counselling? Or massages and physical therapy? There’s more to benefits packages than traditional health insurance.

    Opt to give your employees more than just prescription coverage because it shows that you’re anticipating their needs. When it comes to figuring out the best benefits for your employees, try to go above and beyond what is expected.

    Moreover, don’t pick the package that’s cheapest for you in order to save a few dollars. You never know when someone on your staff may have a mental health or dental emergency that needs to be handled ASAP. The right benefits package can mean the difference between someone missing three weeks for an emergency surgery or three months because they have poor coverage.

  • Ask them:
    This is probably the easiest way to figure out your employees’ needs! If you run a small company, have a meeting with your staff and get their input. If you operate a mid-size or large business, prepare an email survey to collect information about the type of benefits your employees want. Have your staff rank different benefit packages in order of attractiveness.

For more information on what a majority of employees look for in their benefits packages, contact our team today!


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